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Below are examples of advertorials on mainstream online publications.


[edit] TheAtlantic

[edit] T-Rowe Price Advertorial

TheAtlantic Advertorial.png

Link to Advertorial This is an example of an advertorial that is written by the sponsoring party T Rowe Price regarding a potential investment in robotics the investment management firm was promoting.

[edit] The Washington Post

[edit] CTIA Wireless Association Advertorial

WashingtonPost Advertorial.png

Link to Advertorial In this advertorial CTIA wireless company is promoting the need for wireless technology in rural areas in order to improve local economies.

[edit] VentureBeat

[edit] LG Advertorial

Advertorial Example VB.png

Link to Advertorial In this advertorial for a new LG TV set on VentureBeat.com, it is informing the readers of a new monitor in a straight forward manner.

[edit] Mashable

[edit] Lead411 Advertorial

Sponsoredpost Example mashable.png

Link to Advertorial This was an advertorial put out by Mashable to promote Lead411's top 500 technology list.

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