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The following are examples of successful websites that make the at least a significant portion of their revenue through affiliate marketing programs:


[edit] FindGift.com

FindGift.com Website.png

FindGift.com is a shopping catalog site where the user can search through a variety of types of gifts. Most gifts once "more details" is clicked, contain an affiliate link.

[edit] ThisisWhyImBroke.com

Thisiswhyimbroke affiliate website.png

ImBroke..but why ? is an online catalog of creative, geeky or out of the ordinary products online. ThisisWhyImBroke earns certain affiliate commissions once the "Check it Out" button is clicked. Most affiliate links on the website are through the Amazon.com affiliate marketing program.

[edit] TheAwesomer.com

TheAwesome Website.png

TheAwesomer.com is a website that features 'awesome' products and gear. It contains both standard articles as well as featured products which usually have an option to buy on a third party website. The featured products usually contain affiliate marketing program links.

[edit] Wanelo.com

Wanelo Website.png

Wanelo is a gift discovery and sharing website, that some have noted resembles Pinterest. Certain products that are heavily shared could make it to the featured trending section. Some products contain third party affiliate links, which makes up for the majority of revenue for Wanelo. As of February 2013, Wanelo has been valued at over $100 million, based on venture capital rounds.[1] UNIQ4b2f45f74a3c48a8-google-00000001-QINU

[edit] TheGreenHead.com

TheGreenHead Website.png

The Green Head features mostly unique or 'geeky' products and earns affiliate commissions.

[edit] FindTheBest.com

FindTheBest Website.png

FindTheBest is a data-driven comparison website aggregating reviews and sentiment from around the web. It also has a price compare section for certain products. Although FindTheBest also uses standard advertising, certain price comparison links to outside vendors do contain affiliate program links, which earns them revenue.

[edit] GeekAlerts.com

GeekAlerts Website.png

GeekAlerts.com also features 'geeky' or unusual products. The website earns affiliate commissions on certain featured products through either Amazon or other affiliate marketing programs.


[edit] Inspirereview.com

This website is reviewing the products from bestselling categories on amazon.com

[edit] TheHomeGadget.com

The Home Gadget finds the coolest new gadgets and gifts for homeowners and features them on the site.

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